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Sicherheitskultur im Wandel




This section features the project's various publications. In addition to our text output (see the Working Papers Series) we also produce film clips, for example at our annual conferences.

Latest publications


This section contains our latest as wells as previous publications [more]

Working Papers


Here is our Working Paper Series (in German) with papers we will publish from time to time, like Christopher Daase's "Der Erweiterte Sicherheitsbegriff" on the concept of extended security [more]



We have also produced a number of film clips that accompany our classic text output, like our conferences or our reports of the Munich Security Conference (msc) and Munich Peace Conference in 2011 (German)



This section features presentation files and scripts that have accopmanied our talks and presentations on security culture [more]

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Working Paper on Security Culture as an interdisciplinary research programme, interobjectivity, humanitarian interventions, on dealing with insecurity and another on securitization in the early German AIDS discourse released [more]

Third Edited Volume Released [more]

New Edited Volume Released [more]