Sicherheitskultur im Wandel

ProjectLevels: Societal 


The Level of Society

On the meso level, the project analyzes how societal groups, for example NGOs, bureaucrats, experts, companies and the media, articulate and visualize different, mostly controversial, demands for security. Hence, public discourses are largely composed of contested representations of what may count as a threat to the wellbeing of a society. This, in turn, implies what kind of political instruments are necessary, appropriate and legitimate in order to provide solid protection against such threats. Whether public surveillance produces more security or rather leads to the opposite, undermining the normative foundation of liberal society, has become a contentious issue in Western democracies. Societal security, we assume, is increasingly departing the domain of executive control and is leading more and more to a reformulation of participatory processes whereby groups are enabled to take part in processes of collective decision making around issues of security.











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