Sicherheitskultur im Wandel

ProjectLevels: International 


The International Level

On the macro level, the project investigates how internationally coordinated and nationally implemented security policies are either constrained or fostered by supra- and international developments. Since the codification of a "Responsibility to Protect", for instance, states have been obliged to guarantee the security of another state's citizens once their basic security demands cannot be met by these governments any longer. While this development is reflected in national security strategies and policies, the implementation of those adapted strategies is hampered by the required international consent in the UN Security Council to enforce this norm. Similar tensions can be observed when looking at the foundations of foreign security policy: a global civil society is demanding to tackle pandemics or to guarantee security from terrorist attacks worldwide - sometimes overstretching state's capacities to implement formally adopted international agreements. The project systematically traces those developments and tensions in order to understand the nexus between inter-national and societal security in a more comprehensive way.












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