Sicherheitskultur im Wandel

ProjectLevels: Individual 


The Individual Level

On the micro level, the project focuses on the transformations of the individual perception of security and insecurity, that is, how and why these transformations alter the behavior of citizens. The individual need for security is not only increasing, it includes also more and more risks. People in industrialized Western countries are afraid of becoming victims of terrorist attacks, highly contagious diseases and crime, no matter how far away these incidences take place geographically. Migration 'from Africa' or floods 'in Asia', are more and more perceived as 'own problems', due to real-time media covering feelings of solidarity or the assumption that such events may cause problems for Westerners themselves - for instance through terrorism or immigration. Thus, on the micro level we will investigate the causes and consequences of the increased security needs similar to the macro and meso level.











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