Sicherheitskultur im Wandel

Project: Goals 


Project Goals

In the course of the project, until 2013, we will embark on a series of activities which aim both at integrating actors outside of science and at disseminating our research to wider parts of society.  A particular challenge for our project in this respect is to bring together three key communities in security policy: experts, public administration officials, and stakeholders from industry and civil society.

This will be done in the following formats: We are organizing three major annual conferences for which we will invite researchers, policy makers, as well as various NGOs and representatives from civil society groups. Our first conference, which took place in June 2011 in Frankfurt (Germany), explored the discrepancy between the rising claims for comprehensive security and the limited capacity to provide it.

This project website is also an integral part of the project dissemination. Here we will regularly publish conference reports, preliminary research results, as well as a series of Working Papers which will be accessible for free. Apart from a newsletter to which you can subscribe here, this website offers a platform for constructive interaction with interested participants, for example through our thematic Blogs. We are looking forward to contributions that enrich and promote the exchange over security culture.

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