Sicherheitskultur im Wandel



The Project

The project Transformation of Security Culture traces the dynamics of this development by focusing upon the semantics, the strategies, and the institutional consequences of security policies. Security culture can be examined across different levels: on the level of nationally and internationally shared values and institutional practices (macro level); on the level of social norms and practices of societal groups (meso level); and on the level of individual preferences and perceptions (micro level). In order to better understand the processes affecting and affected by security culture, all three levels will be analyzed and set in relation to each other.

  • What causes the transformation of security culture?
    How and why are the demands for security changing? Which actors articulate such demands and what is their agenda? Which structures and events have contributed to this development?
  • What are the effects of a changing security culture?
    To what extent are the tasks of security policy shifting? Which tensions emerge between societal security demands, state promises and the capacity to meet them?
  • Which strategies are available in the face of a new security culture?
    What are the political options to meet the various challenges and demands? Which strategies might prove to fit best? What are the likely intended and unintended consequences of such policies?
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