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Norms and Practice of Humanitarian Interventions

Operationalizing the Responsibility to Protect

Authors’ Conference
14-16 June 2012
Konstanz University

Friday, June 15 2012

Welcome and Introduction by the Conference Organizers


„Operationalizing the Responsibility to Protect“ (working title)
Edward Luck (Columbia University / Special Advisor to the UN Secretary-General) (tbc)

Coffee Break

Panel 1: Legality, Morality and Institutionalization – The Practice of the Responsibility to Protect on Headquarters Level

Chair: Wolfgang Seibel (Konstanz University)

  1. International Law and the Responsibility to Protect after Libya (working title)
    Christopher Verlage (Federal Government of Germany, Berlin)
  2. The Politics of Protection. Does the R2P lead the way?
    Lothar Brock (Goethe-University Frankfurt)
  3. Mainstreaming the Responsibility to Protect in the UN system
    Alex J. Bellamy (University of Queensland)
  4. Discussant: Wilfried Hinsch (Cologne University)
  5. Discussant: Matthias Dembinski (Peace Research Institute Frankfurt)

Lunch Break

Panel 2: Operationalizing the R2P in the Field – Protection of Civilians through Security Council Authorization

Chair: Julian Junk (Goethe-University Frankfurt)

  1. Dilemmas of Operationalizing the Responsibility to Protect
    Richard Bennett (Director Human Rights UNMISS, Juba)
  2. Limited Clarity and Workarounds? The Responsibility to Protect in the Field
    Peter Schumann (former UN official / Konstanz University)
  3. Rural political orders, legal imaginations and the protection of civilians
    Edward Thomas (Rift Valley Institute; consultant for Chatham House and UN)
  4. Discussant: Denis M. Tull (German Institute for International and Security Affairs)
  5. Discussant: Frederik Trettin (Konstanz University)

Coffee Break

Panel 3: The Global Politics of the Responsibility to Protect

Chair: Frederik Trettin (Konstanz University)

  1. Responsibility to Pretend? Symbolic Politics and the Non-Military Dimension of the Responsibility to Protect (working title)
    Caroline Fehl (Goethe University Frankfurt)
  2. Media Dynamics and the Multilevel Politics of Humanitarian Intervention (working title)
    Julian Junk (Goethe University Frankfurt)
  3. Operationalizing the Protection of Civilians in the UN and NATO
    Philipp Rotmann (Global Public Policy Institute Berlin)
  4. Discussant: Robert Schütte (Genocide Alert)
  5. Discussant: Marco Wyss (ETH Zurich – Center for Security Studies)


Saturday, June 16 2012

Panel 4: Foreign Policy and Dilemmata of Operationalizing the R2P

Chair: Christopher Daase (Goethe-University Frankfurt)

  1. International Norms and the German Foreign Policy of Intervention (working title)
    Wolfgang Seibel (Konstanz University)
  2. Asian Perspective (working title)
    Shogo Suzuki (University of Manchester)
  3. Brazilian Perspective (working title)
    Marcos Tourinho (Graduate Institute Geneva)
  4. Discussant: Thomas Bagger (Head of Planning Staff, German Foreign Office)
  5. Discussant: Jorge Heine (Wilfrid Laurier University)

Coffee Break

11:30am - 1:30pm
Panel 5: The Non-Linearity of Norm Emergence and Norm Failure – Theorizing the Responsibility to Protect

Chair: Julian Junk (Goethe-University Frankfurt)

  1. The Non-Linearity of Emergent Norms (working title)
    Christopher Daase (Goethe University Frankfurt)
  2. The Role of Pivotal Events in the Development and Evolution of the Responsibility to Protect
    Jennifer Welsh (Oxford University)
  3. The Contestation and Successful Failing of the Responsibility to Protect (working title)
    Nicole Deitelhoff (Goethe University Frankfurt)
  4. Discussant: Manuel Fröhlich (Jena University)
  5. Discussant: Sassan Gholiagha (Hamburg University)


2:00pm – 3:30pm
Wrapping Up – and Moving On to Peer Review and Publication

Plenary Discussion


Download the full programme in one pdf file [Download]

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