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Norms and Practice of Humanitarian Intervention: The Responsibility to Protect and Global Security Culture

Workshop at Goethe-University Frankfurt, 15/16 September 2011

The workshop discussed the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) through an interdisciplinary dialogue. R2P has, especially since the UN-mandated international intervention in Libya, received an increasing amount of attention in public again. The contributions in this workshop discussed the Libyan case extensively, but also went further by embedding and evaluating it in the context of the development of the principles of humanitarian intervention from a comparative, theoretical and historical perspective. This showed a discrepancy between normative innovation and practical assertiveness of international norms and principles, between law and moral and between rhetorics and practice. Furthermore, the workshop debated the question of whether R2P had been weakened through the Libyan intervention, whether it might even be on its way to become a failed norm. The contributions of this workshop will be published in the double edition 3+4/2012 in the journal "Die Friedenswarte - A Journal of International Peace and Organization".

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Workshop Outline


You can find the workshop outline [here]



A gallery with pictures taken at the workshop can be found [here]



Information about the workshop and its programme can be found [here] (in German)

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