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Events: Dialogues on Security 


Dialogues on Security

Theoretical, Methodological, and Empirical Advances and Challenges

Authors' Workshop
October 4-5 2012

Goethe University Frankfurt
In cooperation with Peter J. Burgess, Peace Research Institute Oslo

Convenors and Editors:
Christopher Daase, Goethe University Frankfurt
Gabi Schlag, Goethe University Frankfurt
Julian Junk, Goethe University Frankfurt


At least since the 1980s, the concept of security has been a lasting reference point for public and academic debates. Different approaches and schools have been developed, a variety of disciplinary and trans-disciplinary discussions have furthered our understanding of the very meaning of security, its societal and political usage in the realm of international relations between states and societies.

Nevertheless, the concept of security is currently subject to great changes like the inter- and transnationalization of security, an ongoing expansion of the concept of security including human security and the securitization of many more policy fields, the ever growing tensions between liberal democracy and security demands, and the challenges created by developments in technology and science. Scholars have responded to these changes with a lot of theoretical innovation and, more reluctantly, with empirical studies on these phenomena. However, this progress is caught in sub-disciplinary cages: many conceptual, methodological and empirical aspects of security politics remain unconnected while sub-disciplinary divides between scholars coming from a more realist background and scholars who are more interested in critical aspects of security have grown. Power and strategy seem to remain a central category for realists while culture and meaning are common notions for constructivists.

Bearing these divides and lacunae in mind, the aim of this workshop is twofold:

  • to reflect on new conceptual, methodological, and empirical aspects in security studies, which have been largely untouched or unconnected in recent years;
  • to foster both an intra- and an interdisciplinary dialogue between various communities of security studies, helping to further the mutual understanding and enrichment of “mainstream” and more heterodox perspectives on security.

To achieve these aims, the authors’ workshop brings together scholars from the broader field of security studies and with different theoretical, methodological, and empirical foci. We expect three major outcomes:

  • to take stock on very new developments and challenges in security studies.
  • to lay the foundation for a new and more inclusive research agenda on security studies and to create an academic network on security studies, which shall result in international and interdisciplinary collaboration and joint research grant proposals.
  • to publish the papers of the workshop in an edited volume. The workshop is arranged as an authors’ workshop and the structure follows an eventual outline of the book.

For additional information, please write to [Gabi Schlag] or [Julian Junk]



The full programme can be found [here]

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