Sicherheitskultur im Wandel




This area contains information on conferences, workshops and other events that the project is part of, in any capacity. Note that projects with a German-only output are listed at the German version of this page.

05/2012: Workshop on Norms and Practice of Humanitarian Interventions


From June 14-16 2012 we are having a workshop on the norms and practice of Humanitarian Intervention, jointly organized with the Center of Excellence "Cultural Foundations of Integration" at Konstanz University [more]

10/2011: Author Workshop Strategic Cultures


On October 5th we are co-hosting an international Author Workshop that deals with Strategic Cultures in Europe [more]

09/2011: Workshop on the Responsibility To Protect (R2P)


In September 2011 we hold a Workshop on "Norms and Practices of Humanitarian Interventions: The Responsibility To Protect and Global Security Culture" [more]

05/2011: Film screening with James Der Derian


James Der Derian is going to present his movie Human Terrain in Frankfurt: Monday, May 30th, 18h, HZ 3 [more]

09/2010: SGIR Conference Section


On the 2010 conference of ECPR's Standing Group on International Relations we ran a section of seven panels on the transformation of securoty culture. Read our conference report, including the full programme [Download]

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Working Paper on Security Culture as an interdisciplinary research programme, interobjectivity, humanitarian interventions, on dealing with insecurity and another on securitization in the early German AIDS discourse released [more]

Third Edited Volume Released [more]

New Edited Volume Released [more]