Sicherheitskultur im Wandel

Veranstaltungen: Workshop Interventions 


Norms and Practice of Humanitarian Interventions

Operationalizing the Responsibility to Protect

Authors’ Conference
14-16 June 2012
Konstanz University

The example of the Responsibility to Protect reveals that there is a gap between normative innovation and the practice of norm implementation. This is particularly true for the ever-shifting patterns of global politics. The prevalent two-step view of norms (first, norms are decided upon; second, they are implemented) has obvious limits. This authors’ conference discussed the non-linearity of global norm developments, the global practice of norm implementation, and the ways, even workarounds, how actors try to operationalize norms in political decision-making and practical policy implementation.

This author's workshop was jointly organized by the Center of Excellence "Cultural Foundations of Integration" at Konstanz University [link], the Center of Excellence "Normative Orders" [link] and the Project “Transformation of Security Culture”, both at Goethe-University Frankfurt/Main. Convenors were Wolfgang Seibel (Konstanz University), Christopher Daase and Julian Junk (Goethe-University Frankfurt).



Have a look at the short outline on the conference topics [here]



The full programme can be found [here]

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